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There are some ups and downs, but eventually the trio works everything out.

The Never War Machale D J

I enjoyed this story and look forward to other books in the various series by Ms. One thing you should know before you read this is that the story is told in first person and alternates between all three main characters. Thank you for stopping by Guilty Pleasures! Please follow us stay up to date on everything going on.

I have read the description for this book before and thought it sounded interesting. I will have try to remember to check out this series. When they finally meet Zane, they learn that if they want their mate to love and accept them, then they must first forgive each other.

The Never War Machale D J (ePUB/PDF)

Zane is a warrior in the United States who deeply desires to be with his mates but is plagued by horrible memories from his past—memories that make it hard for him to show the love he feels for the two men. Will Brian, Banning, and Zane be able to resolve their separate issues, open their hearts to one another, and become true mates, or will they all be destined to a life of loneliness and pain?

The book opens with Zane being accosted by Brian and Banning because they are SO excited to find their mate after over years of looking. However, Zane comes with a lot of baggage and abuse and simply wants to slow things down. No one listens and the twins leave feeling rejected and Zane throws himself into his work.

A Zane Po' Boy [The O'Hagan Way 3] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour Manlove)

The twins come right away and all three go about figuring out if they can overcome their issues and misunderstandings. Now there are other minor characters who need their stories told I hope this helps make sense of the madness that is my brain. They knocked me back onto the couch and started rubbing themselves against me while doing naughty things with their tongues while we were in public.

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Okay, Isaac had asked about a Brian and Banning. I guessed this was them and I was meeting them up close and very personal. Yeah, since the other was now groping me. Very, very personal.

When I first saw him ep:3 (gay love story )

They were hot and twins. I mean, they were twins.

Twins good. They had silver eyes that were almost iridescent and were getting darker. I heard people talking around us, not really paying attention when hands moved under my shirt. Then I froze.

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Did Brian say mate? I breathed in deeply and took in their scents. Yes, they were my mates. They smelled like fresh oranges and strawberries, a heavenly scent in my book. That had to make them my mates, right? I started to pull away, but Banning tightened his grip on my shirt. Damn, that accent made me weak in the knees. He smiled widely at me and gestured for us to leave. I knew that laugh and sighed.

by Joyee Flynn

I was about to shit a brick and run. Then they took off toward the main hallway by the front entrance, and it was move with them or simply be dragged along by them.

Talk about coming on strong! But we needed to be alone to talk anyways. I was trying to figure out how to explain that this was happening too fast when we got to my room.


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And of course they started taking off their clothes, unbuttoning their collared shirts, and beginning to pull off their jeans. I needed to think. A little fun, some slap and tickle, and send us on our way? Ya want us to court ya like some bonny lass before talking about a dowry? I watched as my mates left without another word.