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Horror movie friends… Annabelle Comes Home was the scariest one yet. The forbiddeny stuff is about to start they are both married, but not to each other and have been stuck here for quite a while so… you know. It works!! So this works for me! Look what just went LIVE!! It was amazing…..

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The student is of age and the overall sexy portions were tasteful and not many! Now what to follow it up with. Anyone in a slump? Definitely file this under British rom-com.

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If you love the Bridget Jones character, this is one to add to your list. Michele G: Oh wow!! I just snagged Mine!!! Such a great read!! Thank you to whoever had recommended this little pretty gem.

Smoking hot book. They always keep me reading until I finish. This book and series are so amazing, they take you on a roller coaster of all your emotions. Love all of her books!

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This is book three of the Paradise Beach Series, but the books are standalones! They are sweet, steamy and funny! Leilani Kostas is opening Mermosa, a mermaid-themed bar on Paradise Beach. Before they hook up, Remy lays down the law: no-strings sex. But much to his surprise, Remy wants more than a single night with Leilani. Ready for the hilarious excerpt? Underwater, the real world falls away. I open my eyes. All I see is the electric blue of the Gulf of Mexico and a school of small, silver fish. The feel of the warmth against my face and the sun on my back makes me shimmer with joy.

I surface for a breath, then dive back down, my spine undulating in a serpentine movement. Surface, dive, swim. Could this day get any better? Sun and sand and water all around me? I was born for this moment. I slow down to get a better glimpse of the little blue-green-yellow guy so I can admire his beauty.

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Surging to the surface, I inhale a few huge breaths and bob in the warm, calm water. I power swim for a while, my mermaid tail fin allowing me to pick up speed and do flips and turns easily. My long hair flows and floats around my face. Swimming here in the Gulf eases some of that homesickness. And there are three pairs of eyes watching me. Well, four, if you include the dog in the red life vest. Amused, I sweep my eyes from the pudgy canine, to the brown-haired woman next to him, to the bearded guy next to her, and then to the second guy… wait.

The second guy is hot. Startlingly so. He grins, revealing dazzling white teeth.

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Where did you come from? Or maybe ever, now that I think about it. An electric tingle goes through me, as if a current has entered the top of my head and is shooting down my spine. I propel myself a little closer to the boat. Insta-love is not my jam. Any brand of love is not in my lexicon right now.

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Honey Eyes leans forward on his muscular forearms. This guy is pure trouble.

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