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Bershadsky and J. Vasiliev May 31, Pollitt , van Gennip, A. Oct 31, Fried chicken? Cells in the meat and the bun. Cells all the way through. Even though there are all different kinds of cells in all different living creatures, for the most part they all have a couple of things in common. Firstly, they build protein, which is what most of the rest of your body is made of.

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Cellular Organelles : Legends of the Cell

Eukaryotic membranes are highly modified. In addition to the protein and phospholipid layer that acts as a selective barrier, single celled animals, for example, have special proteins embedded in their plasma cell membrane that interact with molecules outside and allow the cell to react to changing external circumstances.

The plasma membrane also serves as a 'sensing organ'. Membranes enclosing organelles often have additional roles, such as anchoring vital proteins in precise relationships to one another, and acting as internal barriers. Stretching thoughout the cytoplasm, extensive internal membrane systems process metabolic products and act as sites of protein synthesis. Unlike prokaryotes, eukaryotic cells compartmentalize various metabolic processes inside membrane-bound organelles.

For example, the breakdown of certain food molecules to provide energy takes place in the mitochondrion , and photosynthesis takes place in a chloroplast.

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Compartmentalization of metabolic processes makes eukaryotic cells very efficient and allows them to increase in size. Within the nucleus, are the molecules of DNA, the macromolecules that carry all the genetic and hereditary information of the cell.

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Linear strands of DNA are entwinded with histone and other proteins to form chromosomes. Normally invisible, these structures can be stained with dyes, identified, and counted during the division process.