Manual Healing with Crystals (Article)

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Both the real and fake crystals produced similar sensations, and people who tested high in the paranormal-belief questionnaire tended to experience greater sensations than those who scoffed at the paranormal.

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Lots of research shows how powerful the placebo effect can be. His take is one you would expect from a scientist.

Carry Them With You

Many physicians do believe in the power of placebo. A BMJ study found that roughly half of the physicians surveyed reported using placebo treatments to help their patients. Most viewed the practice of prescribing placebo treatments as ethically permissible, the authors concluded. But research on the placebo effect suggests that even snake oil can have benefits for those who believe.

The Crystal Ritual Guide

Everybody selling. You can buy a rock that still has dirt on it, a diamond or a ruby worth a million dollars, even a dinosaur skeleton if you want one. Finding nice-looking stones at a low price is priority number one, Abouzelof said.

But sourcing can make or break a decision. Abouzelof turned down the offer. Healing crystals and stones can change hands several times before they end up at the Tucson showcase—from miner to cutting factory to tumbler to perhaps another seller.

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There are no international requirements to track these movements, so shop owners often have to trust that their source is telling the truth about where the stone came from. In turn, consumers who buy healing crystals have to trust that the person behind the counter is telling the truth, too. For instance, the owner of the number-one selling Etsy store in America— California-based JewelersParadise , which also owns the store RockParadise —says she sources directly from mines that she feels are environmentally and ethically sound.

Articles on Crystals - Information About Crystals As A Healing Tool

They recycle water used in cutting, they provide proper work environments for their staff and are just wonderful in general. But neither she nor Abouzelof who has a page on her website about sourcing will disclose the specific mines or factories or tumblers, citing the difficulty of determining their identities.

How it's supposed to work

How can they ensure that the energy the stone purportedly contains has not been compromised by bad ethical vibes? One answer would be to shift the responsibility of ethical sourcing from the healing shop owner to an independent or government body.

The government could regulate the flow of crystals—as it does with diamonds —to ensure only responsibly-mined stones are allowed to enter the country, or it could implement sustainable mining regulations for healing crystals. Regulations specific to healing crystals currently do not exist anywhere, though Canada, Finland, Argentina, Botswana, Spain and the Philippines have the strongest sustainable mining regulations. Abouzelof suggests looking for crystals from there.

Dark crystals: the brutal reality behind a booming wellness craze

The government or a nonprofit could also develop a certification process for healing crystals, akin to the Fair Trade and Organic labels for food. The industry, despite its boom, might not be big enough, and mineral enthusiasts might not care enough. An amethyst crystal. A healing-stone ceremony.

Do Healing Crystals Really Work?

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