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Whether it is a funny or special story about a hostel experience, or an interesting adventure on the road. Hostelgeeks features unique stories from backpackers and travelers from around the world.

Couple who agreed to travel the world in first Tinder message get married during trip

Check out this book of travel tales around the world. You can instantly share them as well if you enjoy them on facebook and instagram.

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Hostelworld in Review — How does it work? Why Female Dorms? City Guides See all. Where to Eat in Venice? Feeling liberated in Norway! We fell in love at Marken Gjestehus in Bergen. Short Travel Stories We love good travel stories! We want to keep it simple and to the point. Therefore, every Short Travel Story is written in less than words. Real-life Travel Stories less than 30 seconds Every traveler has their own unique story he or she loves to share. And now: Keep scrolling. In Venice. In Italy. For real. A backpacker visiting a house transformed into a beautiful museum.

I had just discovered there was a magnificent ter Read More My boyfriend and I spent last August in Norway.

Eric McCormack Discusses Season 3 Of Netflix's "Travelers"

Our first stop was Trolltunga, 22km of walking through snow, mud, rain, wind and darkness. Two days later we We had a good connection and exchanged Facebook accounts. Not very much, I kind of put her name on Facebook looking for h Me and my boyfriend started looking for hostels onli It is one of the oldest cities in India and the holiest city of Hinduism. Needless to say, We stayed at a hostel in Phuket, Thailand all 5 Star Hostels in Thailand , and we had to check out at Taxi driver need 3 things: good breaks, good horn, good luck!

One of my all-time favorite countries to travel in is India. If you have ever been you know that this is one of the craziest countries in the world to drive in. He had just got to Quito from the USA, A Burning Love For Solo Travel — Not the conventional way to meet People A long time ago, in a continent far far away, I was travelling around Australia with two friends when I decided to go my own way and take a sailing trip around Two Americans that were there at the sa I dislike entering book shops.

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Every time I walk into a book shop, I will end up buying one. I entered an international bookshop in Eixample, Barcelona, whil We met at a Hostel in Bruges, 10 years later we are still married In , after finishing college on opposite ends of the Earth Florida and Australia , fate threw us together at a Hostel in Bruges during our solo travels. I was so glad to arrive Flattering Disasters in Paris — Kissing in France?

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Before exploring the city of love, I wandered into a nearby park to enjoy some long-awaited down time. Unbeknownst to me, my blissful repose would be cut short First 24h in Hanoi — an introduction to the city by English-Students "Are you busy? We arrived in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam. We just slowed down from our first wande The very last moment changed my Impression of Saigon, Vietnam — a Travel Story The city of Saigon, Vietnam was tiring to all five senses and I was looking forward to an escape.

I’m a solo traveling married woman, why not?

With a few hours to kill before our overnight bus, I and my Rishikesh, India — meat, eggs and alcohol are forbidden Located at the foot of the Himalayas, crossed by the river of Ganges, Rishikesh is an important pilgrimage city. From here the Ganges heads to the Himalayas, an I arrived at the Bus Hostel Reykjavik in the evening, and the following day I walked around Reykjavik to do some s We love to think back of our time in the Moroccan desert.

Back in we were staying in the wild city of Marrakesh. It was loud, it was My first Songkran — The biggest Waterfight in the World One day last year our friends asked us if we would like to meet them in Thailand we live in Germany and without hesitation we said "yes!


Traveling Alone While Married: Why Solo Travel is Important - Two Dusty Travelers

Two Russian Spies in Rotterdam? They were two friendly guys, maybe a bit ser I had just missed the connecting bus that was supposed to take me there, The power of spontaneity — College, friendship, and travel! None of us knew each other before coming to college, but we were all brought together by sheer Catching the train with the police After our Freedom Trail tour, we wandered around China Town in Boston in search of our next thing to do.

We ended up reaching the train station and thought that My luggage was delayed, I had a violent bout of food poisoning. My belongings were drenched with rainwater when a hostel roof coll Tinos, Mykonos — what does it matter? Confused, w Paramedics treated Mike with heated packs and, once his temperature was back to normal, he was discharged. The couple decided to drive on to Denver, Colorado, but once there Mike felt well enough to get back on to his bike.

They cycled into Canada and then flew to France, returning home in August by way of Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium. We missed out on New Zealand. We missed that freedom though. The couple plan on "filling in the gaps" of their epic worldwide trip and want to cycle New Zealand. They have no regrets about the trip and insist they would do it again - but added that biking around the world wasn't for everyone. Helen said: "It's a really tough ask on a relationship. You have to be open to a lot of compromise and understanding.

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