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You can set it to a certain temperature and when it gets above that, the fan turns on and pumps the hot air out. I will mostly likely use row cover in the winter over tender greens because yes, it does get very cold here too! I just read your narrative on building a greenhouse … good sense of humor, excellent post, very informative. Can you tell me how you plan to vent the greenhouse? A two-way fan that will moderate the temperature.

Thanks for sharing. Also add some type of sky light windows for venting purposes. Are you gonna add a greenhouse hearted for those winter days? If need be, we will do a second row cover over the cold season crops that will be planted inside. Your greenhouse looks great! I especially love the old door-gives it some character. Otherwise, you may encounter some funky plant mold or fungus. How exciting to grow fresh greens in the winter! Blessing to you and yours.

42 Best DIY Greenhouses ( with Great Tutorials and Plans! )

I totally LOVE your greenhouse and your writing style. Looking forward to many more entertaining and educational posts from you! Yay for me! Utah is brutal for growing in the high mountains. I see you are in central Washington State. How bad are your winters. I live in NE Wisconsin and believe I would have to double almost everything for heat retention and snow load. It really is a very nice greenhouse. Thank you so much for this post! We need a greenhouse and hope to have the funds to do it next year. Pinning this for later.

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Hello, just found your blog and love it. My partner and I are beginning our homesteading adventure. I was wondering if you could please provide the dimensions of your greenhouse.

We Utilized:

I just want to let you know that I think that door has lead paint, and to just be SUPER careful about the paint chipping into your vegetable gardens soil. Lead is VERY easly taken up by plants. I enjoyed this more than words can say! Do you know if there is a way to make this a tiny bit smaller? I have the perfect spot in my back yard but only have about 10 feet bu 20 feet. Thanks in advance!

Shaye, you are one blessed woman! To have accomplished this greenhouse, and still have a loving hubby! You are so going to love being in that beautiful structure through all seasons, but only for short times in mid day summer heat! Our Canadian Prairie winters are fresh enough to make Washington winter look like a beach holiday! I think this structure will work here, to extend our growing season a wee bit though!

Our high prairie winds are a concern, so I appreciate your experience with those footers. Did you only use 4 corners , and have they worked well to anchor your structure? If they have, Kudoos to you!

So let's take a look at the process.

How did you end up installing the ventilation fan, and vents? How has the snowfall affected your greenhouse? Does wet snow cling to those horizontal ridges on the glazing, or melt and slip right off! Wishing you well! That is all we used, though you may want to reinforce depending on size and strength of wind.

I would ask someone in construction in your area, they will be more familiar with your needs. I love this post. I have been following Ana since she was knock off wood and this is on my to do list!! I love your blog too so I was happy to see the intersection of two of my favorite blog ladies!!

Looks like this post was last year — how did this hold up over the winter and if you could change anything now, what would it be? I can hear your voice when I read NOT an easy thing to do with words on a screen. And this post made me yearn to move back to Washington, where folks are friendly and the weather is …. Near as I can tell, that greenhouse should pay for itself in about a year or so, yes? A terrific investment, indeed. One last thing: your husband sounds like an angel sent from heaven.

You little vixen! NEVER forget to appreciate. Are you planning on heating it in the winter? I am an absolute novice at this kind of thing. Been a city kid my whole life and now I have 5 acres of wonderful flat ground with which to grow everything I can imagine. Thanks in advance for any type help as to what will grow in winter. I live in Michigan. Thank you! What about a heater?

Diy Greenhouse Ideas

One thing that caught my attention was you stated you built on a flat spot on the top of a hill. The place where I want to build is a slope and I have thought cutting into the hill might be a good idea. After all, the earth is an excellent insulator. I love this post! First one i am reading on your blog and it made me laugh and i was interested. I love how you mention those poor innocent husbands who love doing all the easy work of hammering and hauling while we have to do the hard work of managing them.

How To Build A Greenhouse

I love my husband as well haha. Great piece cant wait to check out the rest! Can you share what you are growing and when it is planted?

My husband wanted to build a greenhouse, but not time with the upgrades and changes to the house, putting windows in the workshop vs. Our garden the past 2 years was 40 x 80, this year he is enlarging it to 50 x All through this he still wanted that greenhouse. I found your plans about a year or so ago and he liked them. He talked about it, figured how he wanted to do it and talked about it some more.

Well, in January he started on the greenhouse. He has the electricity and water ready to hook up and it will be completed. He made some changes to your design — not a barn shaped roof, siding part of the way up the walls and we painted the wood white that makes it pop. How can I do that digitally? Thanks for all your inspiration. Patsy, I would love to see a picture of your green house as mine is 14 x 14 with electricity and I plan on using vinyl siding as well. Thanks in advance.

Awesome greenhouse, and thanks for so much information. We live in the South and the wind here is usually not a factor,… until its tornado season. The idea of attaching it to footers is great! We are planning on building a greenhouse and this is exactly what we are looking for. Thanks for such a wonderful, informative, and funny contribution! Do you plant directly in the ground in the green house or did you put shelves or tables?

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Did you only use it for winter growing and starting things in the early spring? Did you need to add ventilation? Great Tips! I am going to show my husband your post. I have really wanted a greenhouse and you have motivated me to get started! BTW I love your humor in the blog.