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Work this blossom into a chignon for a retro-glam touch. Brides love this flower's feminine fragrance, making it a popular bouquet choice. Calla Lily. This chic, playful blossom is tailor-made for a black-and-white-themed party. This elegant white bloom is often seen on the lapel of a tuxedo.

Garden Rose. This stem also comes in blue and pink. Use it as filler if you want a hand-picked look. This quirky flower also comes in white, fuchsia, and salmon. It looks playful in a corsage. Ballerina Pink to Hot Fuchsia Flowers:. Pretty in pink! We love the feminine feel of all the pink blooms on this list. Queen Protea. Icelandic Poppy. Spray Rose. Oriental Lily. Double Tulip. Cherry Blossom. This flowering branch also comes in white.

It's available for springtime nuptials only. This rare, tropical flower is perfect in a gallery or loft setting. Sweet Pea. Classic brides are drawn to roses—they have a timeless elegance. Bonus: they're hardy, too! This is an affordable filler with a romantic vibe. Mokara Orchid. Mix this berry with garden roses for an English-cottage look. Chocolate Cosmos. These also come in deep burgundy. They smell like—you guessed it—chocolate.

Black Queen Anne's Lace. This blossom also comes in white and green. It lends extra texture to a wildflower bouquet. Red to Burgundy Flowers:. Red is the color of romance and passion, making these ruby blooms perfect for weddings. Anemones' season starts in winter, making them a great pick for a holiday wedding. Croton Leaf. Mini Cymbidium.

Use this guide to choose the best blooms for your wedding color palette

This long-stemmed flower, which also comes in pink, is striking in tall arrangements. Gerbera Daisy. For an ultra-modern centerpiece, arrange all red ranunculus en masse. Gloriosa Lily. Coral to Orange Flowers:. Summer wedding season is the ideal time of year to showcase these poppy posies.

This ultra heat resistant plant also comes in hot pink. This flowering branch also comes in white and blush. It is available in only winter and spring. Pincusion Protea. Offset the quirkiness of this flower, which also comes in yellow, by pairing it with roses. Unlike other fruits, this tiny citrus won't weigh down or pull apart your bouquet. Mini Calla Lily. Mini Gerbera Daisy. The garden rose is the bridal flower du jour, along with the ubiquitous ranunculus.

Blue Bridal Bouquets

Ruffled Tulip. These would look beautiful in a rustic chic bouquet with sprigs of wheat.

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This flower also comes in red. Looking for something stark and sculptural? Parrot French Tulip. This is the largest and most artful member of the tulip family. Yellow to Peach to Pink Flowers:. For springtime celebrations, we especially love these stunningly sunny flowers. Lady's Slipper Orchid. Florida Beauty. This tropical speckled leaf has graphic appeal. It's pretty much wiltproof and looks great dried.

Oncidium Orchid.

Getting married in the tropics? Weave these into garlands or floral arches. Also known as billy balls, they look darling in bud vases or as bouquet accents. Witch Hazel. This blooming branch, which also comes in orange, makes for deliciously scented centerpieces. It's a good ingredient for an aromatic bouquet. White to Green Flowers:. Go green! These floral options will bring a natural vibe to your celebration. Snake Grass. This stalk also comes in dark green. Loop it around the blooms of a modern bouquet.

The Best Blue Wedding Flowers (and 16 Gorgeous Blue Bouquets)

Lotus Pod. This also comes in brown dried. Use it to inject exotic flavor into any arrangement. This coral-like plant also comes in green. It adds whimsy to a boutonniere.

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Fiddlehead Fern. It's a go-to for woodland-wedding boutonnieres. Anthurium Leaf.

35 Lush Bridesmaids Bouquets and Wedding Flowers

This forest-green leaf has destination wedding written all over it. Bird's Nest Fern. It's perfect for a summery, super-colorful centerpiece. Dusty Miller.

This gray foliage is a chic choice if green clashes with your palette. This is a cost-effective flower that looks fabulous in a modern setting. The Canovas Photography. Simple Stems. Natural Beauty. Story and Rythm.