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We learn that Henkes writes ,. Teaching point- cause and effect- the students tease her and she no longer likes her name. The next day Chrysanthemum returns to school and the teasing continues. The students tell her that she even looks like a flower, and that a chrysanthemum is a flower that lives in a garden with worms and other dirty things.

Again Henkes tells us that:.

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He must really want us to see that Chrysanthemum believes everything that the students are saying about her name. She must be so sad empathy to character. In the beginning of the story she really loved the name that her parents chose for her, but not now. I might not like my name right now either if I were her relation of self to text , but I hope she remembers what her parents had said about her name and how special it is. At school the next day, the pregnant music teacher, Mrs. Twinkle introduced herself to the class.

The students admired her. When the music teacher chose Chrysanthemum to be a daisy in the school play, the teasing erupted in the classroom. Again we hear from Henkes:. Stop at this page Post-it and notice to yourself aloud that he repeated the words again and keep reading. Twinkle overheard the students teasing Chrysanthemum and disclosed to the class that she too was named after the flower, Delphinium.

She was considering naming her baby Chrysanthemum if it was a girl. This was validation for Chrysanthemum. In the end Chrysanthemum finally believed that her name was perfect, just like her parents had said. As in a read aloud, now ask for a summary of the story; ask the class to tell you:. Bright Hub Education.

Chrysanthemum Lesson Plan by Kevin Henkes: A Think Aloud Lesson

Skip to content. So sometimes we do joke with each other and that's fine. Today's lesson is about cyber bullying, and it focuses on when maybe teasing online crosses the line to become something more serious. These are different forms of cyber bullying. That all the things you're talking about.

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So, harassing, does anybody know what harassing might mean? Samantha OC It's like pressuring you to do something? It just means when you're repeating something like pressure or a negative message over and over and you're using digital media. Today we focus really on looking at what are the different forms of cyber bullying.

In the lesson, there are a lot of different interactions going on with the students. They are talking about something with the whole class and sharing ideas. And then they go into smaller groups and grapple over things that they might not all agree on. So they have to focus on backing up their opinions with evidence. And then in the end they have to take a highlight of what they discussed and then share that out with the rest of the class. First we're going to watch a video of a teenager who was involved in a cyber bullying episode.

Stacy OC Her friend saw me comment her boyfriend. She thought something was going on so she got mad and then her friend started like harassing me on My Space. I remember telling my mom and my mom was mad. She was like, "You should tell, you should call the school. You should do this. You should do that. We're going to talk a little bit about the video.

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At the end Stacy's mom said that Stacy should call the school and report the incidents. Stacy responded, "It would just make it worse. Why or why not? Can you just take one second to talk about it at your tables and then?


Samantha OC The reason why they did that is because like they probably don't like her. Maybe something that they disagreed on. Who thinks that it would have made it worse, just by show of hands? Tell me why.

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And if they do like she tells them, the school, then the school might do something about it. Amy Withers OC Right. So there seems to be kind of two possibilities that you're thinking of. Either it's going to make it a lot worse or it could put an end to it, right? Samantha OC It was very emotional because But, if it was up to me, I wouldn't, I wouldn't like if somebody else that's not involved would get involved. Azalias OC It was like really Amy Withers OC The reason this curriculum is so important is and actually it's very different from today's lesson is that so much of the curriculum is focused on what a great tool and resource the internet is.

So we're going to look at two different case studies now. And as you read them, I want you to think of all the perspectives involved. So not just the person who's experienced a cyber bullying, but the bully him or herself, the parents, the family, maybe the school, the friends that are involved. And any time you're giving an opinion, make sure you're backing it up with evidence. Female With Ponytail OC The other girl she wants to win class president, so like for the other who vote for her, it says that most of them are Asian.

So like that's what she.

Tactics to Prevent Teasing

Azalias OC You have evidence that Sarah knew because like it was online. Amy Withers OC Okay. So I've asked each group to just briefly share out just one thing that came out of your conversations.

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Female Child Wearing Green Top OC I don't think it was a good reason for impersonating someone else online because they should like be honest and not cheat.