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Its meetings each drew up to several thousand visitors, and its activities were closely followed by the FBI. With the anti-Semitic radio broadcaster the Rev. Nor did they mind the Kristallnacht of November , the nationwide German pogrom set off by the assassination of a German diplomat by a Jew in Paris, which led to nearly deaths, scores more injuries and the decimation of what remained of German-Jewish life. Now, he decided, as the sea of opprobrium rose around him, was the moment to step into the spotlight and show just how strong the Bund was.

Although the mass demonstration was intended for Bund members, walk-ins from sympathetic Nazi-minded American citizens also were welcome. Any doubts on that score were quickly allayed, as the 20, Nazi faithful who had driven or flown in from every corner of Swastika Nation filed into the great hall. Meanwhile, an even larger crowd of counterdemonstrators, eventually estimated at close to ,, filled the surrounding midtown Manhattan streets. Americans could judge the poisonous result for themselves. As drums rolled, an honor guard of young American Nazis marched in bearing the flags of the U.

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Anti-Semitism, naturally, was a major theme of the venomous rhetoric that issued forth as the newsreel cameras rolled. Franklin D.

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Now it was time for the world to listen. He almost made it.

Madison, New Jersey (Images of America (Arcadia Publishing))

Next, they saw the hapless Greenbaum set upon by a gaggle of furious OD men, who covered him with blows before he was finally rescued by a squadron of New York policemen. It was all over in a moment—but it was a moment that horrified America: a bunch of Nazis beating up a Jew in the middle of Madison Square Garden.

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And then it was over, and the thousands of Nazi faithful dutifully exited the arena. But the rally further angered Berlin, which was then preparing to go to war with the Allies—a war Germany still desperately hoped the U. Nevertheless, with the implicit blessing of the White House, Dewey decided to go ahead and prosecute. On December 5, , Kuhn was sentenced to two-and-a-half to five years in jail for tax evasion. While Kuhn was in U. Four months after V-E Day, the U.

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His dreams of a Swastika Nation had been smashed to pieces. To be sure, historical comparisons are, to an extent, folly. Nearly 1, uniformed men wearing swastika arm bands and carrying Nazi banners parade past a reviewing stand in New Jersey on July 18, This caption originally stated the park was in Sunland.

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We regret the error. Nazi "Bund" camp anniversary celebration, Hundreds of German Americans give the Nazi salute to young men marching in Nazi uniforms. Kuhn was unanimously re-elected on September 3 as National leader of the Bund, a pro-Nazi organization holding its sixth annual convention.

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Pro-Nazi members of various singing and gymnastic societies salute a procession of flags at White Plains Hall in New York in the s. They were gathered for a German Day celebration. The German-American Bund disclaimed this large group. Bund members, including one with a belt as weapon drove the protesters out, but the meeting was disrupted.

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At center is a large portrait of George Washington, claimed as an icon by the Bund, who called him "the first Fascist", claiming Washington "knew democracy could not work. February 20, Original Caption: The local Fuehrer holds forth. Hewing to the verbal line and letting the syllables fall where they may, Fritz Kuhn, local Fuehrer, leader of the German American Bund, addresses the Bund's heavily guarded "Americanization" rally at Madison Square Garden. All during the rally scuffles occurred outside as the Anti-Nazis massed outside rushed the cordon of police in attempts at forcing entry to come to grips with Kuhn's storm troopers.

Herr Fritz was himself the target of a punch when a Jewish youth attempted to attack him on the rostrum as he launched into an anti-Jewish harangue. But Kuhn's strong-arm men came to his rescue.

volunteerparks.org/wp-content/cepibuqeq/ To prevent any clash between bundsmen and counter-demonstrators, police surrounded the area with a force of 1, Anti Nazis Battle Cops. This was only one of the night's many clashes between the demonstrators and heavy force of policemen who were on hand to preserve order. Original Caption: Fritz Kuhn, in the full uniform of a Storm Trooper, national leader of the Bund gestures from the rostrum at Madison Square Garden in New York, on February 20, while he uttered imprecations against Jews over and over.