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I hope that the book I am currently writing will one day be called amazing, just like yours are. Thank you for everything. First off, words cannot describe how excited I am that you have a new book out!! I was plesantly suprised to fine this blog as well as the Jeremy fink movie on the same day. I was looking for mean girls but I found the Jeremy fink movie. I looked you up and you blog popped up so here I am. I plan to check regularly and hope for there to be more books out soon! Also is there going to be any more movies based off your books?

And it was a fantastic book, totally with the wait.

Thank you for writing books! Haley P. Sorry in advance for any typos — my little brothers hanging on my knee and hitting buttons. Anyway, i really loved the book. The whoops, spoiler. So thanks again for the great books. I still rub it in to my sister how I found 11 Birthdays, not her , and therefore found us our new favorite author!! Keep up the great work, and good luck on CM2!!! I just finished reading graceful. It is awesomesauce.

Does it have to be the last book?

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I sort of wanted to know what happened to the characters to get them to their future. Like who Rory ends up meeting or if she did go out with Jake first and then find the other person. Thank you for this awesomesauce note! Willow Falls has ended but the new Candymakers is now here!????????

I was reading the comments and there were so many spoilers! So I like to read them in school so people will see them and maybe want to read them. Your books are so awesome!! Thanks for writing your amazing books, and making me want to read more. I read a lot I admit I read books at night sometimes too but your books are just so awesome.

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Well, bye! So, I know this will be a challenge, but I would love to see another book in the Willow Falls series. Please think about my wish….. It would mean so much to me! Makayla, Your biggest fan. All of them but especially Leo and Its just driving me crazy. I have been reading these books since I was in fifth grade. I could not stop reading them! These books are what made me love to read today!

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I am now going to be a sophomore in high school and I still adore these books! I know that I am a little too old to be obsessing over these books but I am! Thank you for writing these books that made me love to read! You are the best author out there! Love you! So sad the series is over.

I loved this series! Graceful was a good ending, too! I was wondering if there is any chance the Willow Falls series will come out as a movie?

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I hope! My favorite one was 13 Gifts, but they were all really wonderful. I think that you really know how to put amazing surprises in a story that no one knew was coming! Thanks for writing this series. Sincerely, Nikki. I loved your book Graceful so much!!!!!!

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But at one point you skip ahead 30 years!!!!! Even though you give a brief description in Rory and the Vortex, Amanda and the Vortex and Tara and the Vortex we would still like some details. Hello there, by the way you are my favorite author!!!!!! Just a few questions about your latest book Graceful.

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At the very end , I was a little confused. Does Rory end up getting married to Jake or what? I assume Amanda amd Leo get married. What about Grace and Connor? I was absolutely glued to this book!!! I must say though my favorite book in the Willow Falls series was Finally!!!!!!!

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I can really relate to her issues! How do you come up with all of this? God bless, Emily. I understand as I felt the same way when I finished writing the last. I will keep writing new books that I hope you enjoy almost as much or who knows maybe even more! Hope this one makes it! I love your book! I was reading Graceful at lunch time when I read I block out everything else and I suddenly heard the janitor calling my name! She was telling me I was late for class!!! It was definitely worth being late for my keyboarding class, though. I wish there could be another book in the series.

I keep rereading them and they are sill just as amazing as the first time I read them. This might sound really stupid, but if Amanda, Rory, Tara, and Grace were real I feel like I could tell them everything. I have read all of the Willow Falls books, and I think they are totes awesomesauce! When I found out there was another book in the Willow Falls series I screamed and had to go buy it! I cried when Mango died—it reminded me of when my cat died. I wish I could see colors like that because it sound so cool.

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On Saturday I finish reading Leap Day. I read that book in two days! I always wondered what would happen if your birthday was on leap day.

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Now my question is answered thanks to you!!! I also love Every Soul A Star.