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Where in all this is God?

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The question itself is misleading. Think carefully about what I have said. It is the key to all the secrets of life.

Torah cannot be saying that there is no other God, for it is superfluous to even state this. Instead, Torah is saying there is no other reality besides God. Both the physical and the spiritual are aspects of God, the one true Reality. Some would argue that God is a divine spark inside each being. Others would argue that God is above and outside Creation. I teach neither position. God is not inside or outside, God is the very thing itself!

And when there is no-thing, but only empty space? God is that as well. Picture a bowl in your mind.

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Define the bowl. Is it just the clay that forms its walls? Or is it the empty space that fills with soup? Without the space, the bowl is useless. Without the walls, the bowl is useless.

by Shapiro, Rabbi Rami M

So which is the bowl? The answer is both. To be a bowl, it must have both being the walls and emptiness the space. It is the same with God.

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Yesh is the manifestation of God that appears to us as separate entities—physical, spiritual and psychological. God is All, there is nothing else ain od. This teaching is called shlemut, the completeness of God. To be shlemut, God must contain all possibilities and paradox. To be shlemut, God must transcend the notion of opposites and reveal everything as complementary.

It is vital to everything we will discuss that you understand these three words. They are the key to your spiritual awakening and tranquility. Learn them well. That is not bad, for we learn by questioning. Let the answers I offer accompany you through life. In time, they may make sense.

Open Secrets by Rami M. Shapiro (Paperback, 2004)

Now on to your current query: Why did God create the world? What is the purpose of Creation? Why did God create the world? You see, I told you these words would return again and again. Do not imagine God as a separate Being apart from Creation who decides to create. God does not decide as we decide. Recall my analogy of the magnets. Remember how the two poles, positive and negative, go together and only when they are together can there be a magnet. Can we say the one pole precedes the other? Can we say the one pole creates the other?

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Each pole arises with the other. Each pole depends upon the other. There is no first and second, there is no primacy of one over the other. There is only co? The magnet does not decide to make this happen; this is simply what the magnet is: two poles held in a greater unity. It is the nature of the magnet to hold these opposite poles in a greater unity; the magnet cannot be otherwise.

So, too, with God. Yesh Being and Ayin Emptiness are the poles of God. God cannot be God without them; they cannot be themselves without each other and God. Thus all arise together. The shlemut of God necessitates both Yesh and Ayin.

Advaita – not the only teaching

This everyday world is of supreme value, for it—no less than Ayin—is of God. Our world is fragile and impermanent, but the temporal and fleeting world of Yesh is needed to reveal the powerful and eternal presence of Ayin. Think well on this.

You want to know how the practice of self? The wisdom you seek will not come from abstract knowing, but only from direct experience. Nevertheless, here is how it works. By following the breath, we quiet the mind.

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A deep quiet emerges. Thought ceases. When thought ceases, the self fades. Do not imagine, however, that the end of thought is the end of the matter. The dissolution of self is not yet the fullness of God.