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But he is real, and he opens his prolific mind in these joyous pages. If you are not from the South and want a slice of breezy southern life seen through the eyes of a master storyteller, read this book. If you are from the South, no doubt you will find a small piece of your personal history in here.

I loved these tales so much, I read them twice; and I am from New Jersey. Mendenhall is an artist and writer of the first caliber.

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His talent shines brightly in even the simplest of sentences. Other lawyer scribes have managed to escape the professional taint by retreating to fiction, but Mendenhall accomplishes even more in the world of nonfiction. The wide-ranging collection of essays in this book, some relating to the law and others on altogether disparate subjects, reveals a probing mind unchecked by subject matter, and an astonishing gift for the written word. Davis Distinguished Author Award, and the H.

Louise Cobb Distinguished Author Award. Allen Mendenhall possesses a mighty brain and a deep soul.

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He also wields a powerful pen and knows the power of the word and the Word. From stoicism to southernism, from bees to Freud, from gossip to incarceration, and from wiretaps to existentialism, Mendenhall leaves few things unexamined. Allen Mendenhall is a natural storyteller. With the dark humor and wisdom of Mark Twain, he weaves tales of his Southern past: boys wage war on yellow jackets; a grandfather reveals truths about an Alabama author and the characters in her famous novel; a young man faces cancer and his own mortality.

Politico reports that President Trump wishes that Mr. Michael Cohen, Mr. These are, of course, excellent law schools, and there is no denying that there are better and worse places to get a legal education. Professional experience and judgment matter too. Earl Warren: Berkeley.

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John Paul Stevens: Northwestern. In fact, one could argue that while an Ivy League school provides a wonderful education in the law, it quite often sets a person on a narrowly defined career path. The Ivies produce excellent trial lawyers, but generally speaking, it is schools like the University of Alabama that are producing the type of lawyers whose careers teach them to understand and practice the kind of law that impacts most Americans. That stereotype is easily refuted.

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More than a few graduates of Southern law schools have had highly distinguished careers in the law. Justice Hugo Black, generally considered to have been an iconic jurist and great defender of the First Amendment, earned his law degree at Alabama.

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So did Judge Frank M. Johnson Jr. Judge Johnson also issued the injunction that permitted the Selma-to-Montgomery march to go forward under federal court protection. Justice Lewis F.