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Prison Madness

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Who can she trust Fast paced, all night read. I could not put it down. I look forward to more work from Jenny Hilborne. No Alibi Dec 08, Jen Wylie rated it it was amazing. That said, after reading Madness and Murder my horizons will now be broadening. Jenny Hilbornes debut novel is a gripping murder mystery certain to keep you glued to every page.

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As you read their tragic story of murder and madness you meet Mac Jackson, veteran homicide detective. Jumping ahead to the twins as adults the story truly unfolds as Jackson grows frustrated in his inability to catch a serial killer. Jessicas past has always haunted her and continues to do so as she finds herself the target of a madman.

Alex is another main character whose story is wonderfully weaved into the plot when she moves to San Francisco to be with the man of her dreams. Memorable characters make this book a joy to read, not only are they believable but extremely well written with much thought and depth put into each. This is not a slow paced novel. From the first page you are whisked along with the well developed characters as a number of twists and turns provide no shortage of action and suspense. It is an extremely worthwhile read!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and look forward to reading more this excellent new author! Mar 01, Cheryl Landmark rated it really liked it. I love a good murder mystery and this one definitely fits the bill. Hilborne crafted a taut, suspenseful, chilling tale of revenge, murder, madness, courage and strong, relatable characters. It was chock full of twists and turns, red herrings and enough suspects that it was difficult to guess the identity of the murderer until right near the end. There were several subplots that at first seemed disconnected, but quickly coalesced into a thrilling, fast-paced story that had me turning the page I love a good murder mystery and this one definitely fits the bill.

There were several subplots that at first seemed disconnected, but quickly coalesced into a thrilling, fast-paced story that had me turning the pages relentlessly to see what happened next. Alex and Jessica were two very strong, courageous women who refused to become helpless victims and drew on hidden reserves of strength to thwart the actions of sexual predators, drug-dealing ex-husbands, and an insane murderer bent on brutal revenge. Mac Jackson was a great character, too--a good cop, determined and relentless in his pursuit of the bad guys, and a man who possessed uncanny instincts and gut hunches.

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I will definitely be reading more of Mac's cases in the future. View all 9 comments. Dec 30, Jeannie Walker rated it it was amazing. Unfortunatlely, I know about someone committing a most heinous crime and showing no remorse. I remember hearing a penetrating scream coming from the courtroom. I, along with many others, stood in disbelief when we heard the sentence the jury gave the cold-blooded killer in my true story "Fighting the Devil". The difference in a fiction and a non-fiction is that author can tailor and craft the outcome the way it should happen. I, along with others, reall "Madness and Murder" is a work of fiction.

I, along with others, really like the way Jenny Hilborne crafted her debut and very engrossing murder mystery. It is well written and has lots of twists and turns. My compliments to the author on a job well done! View 2 comments. Jul 30, Darcia Helle rated it it was amazing Shelves: indie , suspense-thriller-mystery , fiction. Madness and Murder is the perfect title for this book. From the first page, both the madness and the murder held me riveted.

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The action is fast-paced, taking me on a rollercoaster ride from start to finish. Hilborne disperses little details throughout that allowed me to 'see' the setting. The characters are well developed; some I loved and some I couldn't help but despise. This is an excellent first book and I'm looking forward to many more!

Nov 23, Andrew Kaufman rated it it was amazing. Jenny Hilborne's smoothly executed writing style makes this an effortless and highly pleasurable read. By the end of the book, I felt as if I knew the characters, and yes, even cared about them; that's quite an accomplishment, one which many authors fail to achieve, even on a perfunctory level.

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Simply said, Madness and Murder is a must-read. I'm very much looking forward to seeing more from this talented debut author. Kaufman Bestselling author, While the Savage Sleeps. View all 3 comments. I purchased the Kindle version and read it on my ipad, using the Kindle reader. The court imposes the maximum sentence the circumstances will allow…life without parole. By the end of the novel they feel like old friends. For me, I want to finish a book, still curious about where the lives of the characters will go next, but satisfied in how they got to the end.

In both cases, she had done well. See how I did that? The sign of a good book, in my opinion, is when I read a sentence or phrase, which is so nicely crafted as to make me put the book down. I mull the sentence over, think about it, and generally feel a warm glow of awe at the fine example of wordsmithing. Scales based upon a number of stars can suck it! So I would give her a solid 33 out of Most of the dreck I have downloaded thus far is at best a 15, with many struggling to make it to double digits.

Bottom line, she is an exceptional writer and I enjoyed it very much. How long did it take you to write it? Eleven months for the first draft followed by six months of editing. I took English lit and English language at high-school, but no creative writing classes of any kind. Sidney Sheldon 4 Which formats is it available in? Kindle, Nook, ibooks, Sony Reader, Print I learned a lot from the editing process of the first novel and wrote the second one based on that - in other words, without the initial unnecessary clutter. I also avoided weak words and weak sentences.

Okay, now I understand Q 6. In the UK, we call it a full stop. I don't care whether publishers want one or two, makes no odds to me. That concludes the interview portion of tonight's post. Jenny did very well, scoring a 5 out of 6. She did miss the sixth question as the correct answer is, "I believe the people responsible should have all of those things done to them and possibly more. I would add a life time cookie ban and 3 week annual retreat alone with Snooki.

Mar 28, A. Madness and Murder is a taut crime mystery, with a terrific underlying narrative of character interaction and a theme of second chances.

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There is a splendid interweaving of subplots, overlaid with a chilling murder spree. In Madness and Murder the plot unfolds on twins recovering from childhood tragedy, a homicide detective, and a girl who met the wrong guy. Their lives intertwine on the streets of San Francisco headed straight for a collision course with a serial killer.