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Mary MacLane is one of the few who actually knows how to write English.

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  • Let this one be a Devil’s biography (Book Review).
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She had a natural gift for crisp and concise expression, a keen, undisciplined intelligence and the emotional sensibility of a true artist. A sensation.


The Neversink Library champions books from around the world that have been overlooked, under appreciated, looked askance at, or foolishly ignored. At writing these, Jim Thompson was the best and most original of all the novelists whose first editions bore a cent price tag. By now the post-modern critical line on Thompson has been pretty well established.

With offhand brilliance, his novels pursue the most debased imaginative materials.

Hasan Sabbah: Legend of the Assassins

Reading one of them is like being trapped in a bomb shelter with a chatty maniac who also happens to be the air raid warden. Quite simply, this is cheating. It will take an aficionado of some devotion to summon up the concentration to follow these, and McCauley poses a problem for the readers who, plowing through them, might find their enjoyment of the actual books robbed of surprise--surely not the goal of an appreciative biographer.

This book gives vital insight into how globalization actually impacts a non-Western society that has few defenses beyond the awareness and canniness of the artists involved. Strongly recommended to anyone interested in film. It addresses the current state of cinema in South Africa, in which the filmmakers see cinema as a metaphor for their newly formed society as it emerges from the apartheid system.

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