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The Graveyard Game by Kage Baker | the Little Red Reviewer

Mendoza is a Preserver for The Dr. Zeus Company, living in the past to collect species for the future.

But when she kills six people in California in , The Company makes her disappear. Joseph, a senior Preserver, loves Mendoza as the daughter he never had. Drunk on chocolate and fueled by rage, he's determined to find her however long it takes. Being an indestructible, immortal cyborg gives him an unlimited well of patience.

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What begins as a rescue mission uncovers a conspiracy stretching across fifty centuries of recorded history. Behind it lie genocide, graveyards filled with Company agents, and the roots of the ominous Silence that falls across the world in This seems to be a transitional work, identifying the key groups and conflicts confronting the immortal cyborgs of the Company. Several questions remain open at the end and I look forward to reading The 'Company' stories all deal with the idea that, in the 24th century, a company learns how to send people back in time.

To creat agents for itself, it takes children of a part time period and turns Kage Baker is best known for her time travel series about The Company, of which this is the fourth volume and, more recently, for her popular fantasy novel The Anvil of the World. Born in Hollywood, California, she has been a graphic artist and mural painter, a playwright, bit player, director, teacher of Elizabethan English for the stage, stage manager and educational program coordinator.

The Graveyard Game

She lives in Pismo Beach, CA. Zeus Incorporated discovered time travel and thereupon set about ensuring its own existence and enriching its stockholders by creating a race of immortal cyborgs to serve the Company, loot the past, and preserve the future. Mendoza, the16th-century Spanish cyborg botanist, has vanished following the strange and tragic events of Mendoza in Hollywood Facilitator Joseph, who softheartedly recruited Mendoza despite her propensity to generate psychoactive Crome radiation a big Company no-no , is driven to search for her.

His task is lonely, since everything he says and does is reported to Company operatives. Every few decades, Joseph arranges to zap the surveillance link so that he and Lewis can exchange information. Mendoza, it emerges, was used ruthlessly by the company to advance an obscure scheme of its own, and once surplus to requirements she was deactivated, placed in a womb-like storage unit—hidden, somewhere, along with thousands of other operatives whose presence became inconvenient, like the giant nonhuman Enforcers of millennia past.

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But in the real world, time approaches the year , beyond which the future is a blank. By turns hilarious, terrifying, sad, and provocative, and always utterly intriguing. There was a problem adding your email address. Please try again.

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