Guide The Organized Wedding: Planning Everything from Your Engagement to Your Marriage

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Find or create a guestbook that you and your significant other will want to look back on for years to come. Make it even more special for your maid of honor. Meet with your officiant : Meet in person to solidify any details and specific plans for your ceremony. Finalize your menu: Once you have decided on a menu that will satisfy your tastebuds, create and print menu cards that will match the rest of your paper suite or wedding theme.

Confirm menus for all events: To ensure smooth sailing, get in touch with your caterer to confirm menus for all events during your wedding weekend.

12+ Months Before Your Wedding

Touch base with your stylist: Make sure you and your stylist are on the same page when it comes to your wedding day hair and makeup, and communicate any last-minute changes. Mail your invitations: A general rule of thumb is to mail out invitations about six to eight weeks before the ceremony. Set the deadline to RSVP four weeks before the big day to avoid any last-minute cancellations.

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Meet with your entertainment: If you hired a DJ or live band , make sure to meet with them beforehand to discuss the playlist and any special songs that you want to be played, as well as ones to avoid. Submit wedding announcements: Shout your marriage from the rooftops and submit wedding announcements to local newspapers and any other place where you would like your marriage publicized.

Write your vows : Find a quiet time to sit down with pen and paper and put your feelings into words. Proofread and practice several times so that you get it just right. Create a wedding day timeline: Create a run-of-show timeline for exactly how you would like your wedding reception events to flow.

9 Things You Need to Know Before You Organize an Engagement Ceremony | Blog | Elite World Hotels

Consider everything from introductions to toasts to cake-cutting. Pick out wedding weekend attire: Make you sure know what you are wearing for all of the wedding weekend festivities and events. Get your wedding party ready: Check in with your wedding team to make sure they are prepared for the big day. Do they have their attire? Do they know their wedding day duties? Give your photographer and videographer a shot list: Ensure they have a wedding day agenda for any must-have shots you want captured.

Mention any special moments that you have planned so your vendors know where and when to be ready. Cover all your bases: Purchase any just-in-case essentials like umbrellas or tents so you and your guests are prepared for any drastic weather changes. Have your bachelor or bachelorette party : Let loose! Enjoy a fun night out on the town with your posse of closest friends.

Send rehearsal dinner invitations : Assemble the rehearsal dinner list and send out invitations to make sure everyone arrives on time.

Organized Wedding: Planning Everything from Your Engagement to Your Marriage

Arrange final payments: Mark off final payments for all vendors in your wedding planning binder or your Zola Checklist and confirm everything is staying within budget. Confirm times with your vendors: Make sure your vendors know the date, time, and location of their expected arrival so there is no confusion on the day-of.

The Surprise Wedding

Design a ceremony program : Create a guide for guests that details the ceremony including its songs, readings, special rituals or traditions, and the wedding party members and a thank you message. Keep your wedding theme in mind when designing your ceremony program. Begin writing thank you notes : When you have spare time and as gifts are received, begin writing thank you notes to make the post-wedding process less daunting.

Do one last review of your guest list and make any final adjustments to the seating chart. Attend a final fitting: Bring your undergarments and wedding day accessories to make sure the dress or suit of your dreams fits perfectly.

Pick up your wedding attire: Make sure to pick up your wedding outfit from the shop or the tailor, or arrange for it to be delivered. Break in your wedding shoes: Nothing is more uncomfortable than blisters. Make sure you are blister-free as you walk down the aisle.

Plan drinks and snacks for your wedding party: Getting ready is so much more fun with a mimosa! Make sure you and your wedding party have things to snack and sip on while getting ready. Check the weather report: If there is a chance weather could affect your day, double-check the weather report and contact the venue to confirm your back-up rain plan.

Send the final guest list: Send the final head count to your venue and caterer so they know how many people to expect and can staff appropriately. Get any beauty treatments you need: If you are getting a haircut or a color, now is the time to do it. Create a wedding day emergency kit: From lipstick to lint rollers, make sure you have everything you need to cover any minor emergencies on the day-of. Determine special day-of roles: Delegate wedding day duties such as a point person to set up the gift table, the wedding favors, and the guest book.

Finalize transportation for the day-of: Make sure to send directions to your transportation vendor and any additional drivers of your guests, if applicable. Deliver welcome bags to the hotel concierge: Make sure out-of-town guests are greeted the right way with welcome bags upon arrival.

Steam or press your wedding wear: Feel fabulous in your wedding attire with a picture-perfect suit or gown. Book your beauty appointments: Pamper yourself and your wedding party with spa, nail, hair, and beauty treatments. The Day Before Your Wedding Attend your rehearsal ceremony: Iron out the details of your ceremony by doing a full rehearsal. Make sure your readers know their order and bring any essentials such as programs and decorations. Host a bridal luncheon: Let your bridal party know how much you appreciate their hard work by hosting a bridal luncheon for them. Invite flower girls and any other female relatives you want to thank.

Present thank you gifts: At the bridal luncheon, rehearsal dinner, or whenever you see fit, present your wedding party with their much-deserved thank you gifts. As if it weren't bad enough to be stressed and aggravated for months on end, 86 percent of those surveyed said they also suffered some sort of stress-induced symptoms, such as elevated anxiety, insomnia, mood swings, reduced sex drive, and headaches.

There were also some pretty unpleasant cosmetic side effects, like hair loss and skin breakouts. The survey found that 47 percent of couples were so stressed by the whole planning process that they considered eloping or just tying the knot at city hall instead. Another 26 percent said they considered just taking the money and running — and knowing that planning a wedding might literally make my hair fall out, I can't say I blame them. For eight percent of couples, planning their wedding was so maddeningly stressful that it caused them to contemplate calling the whole thing off altogether — and another 16 percent of couples said they considered postponing the wedding.

Picking out tablecloths and booking venues might be agonizing, but it turns out there's one thing the couples surveyed found more stressful: finding "the one" you want to marry in the first place. But don't forget why the idea of "The One" is toxic in some ways. She has the ability to capture the true essence of the couple in front of her and to reflect that in the finished product on the wedding day.

She took our vision, our values and our love and made those the focal point of our wedding. Her meticulous planning and attention to detail are why our day was stress free. We decided from the beginning to hire a wedding planner because we really desired to be worry free on our wedding day and just be able to have fun.

Our experience with Adrienne was seamless and she was readily available to troubleshoot any issues or concerns we had. Her and her team were truly a blessing on our wedding day. Of all of my friends that have gotten married I am one of the only that can say that nothing actually went wrong in the day of. She was on top of everything and made sure we were on track with all the responsibilities we needed to take care of.

I called her so many times with last minute questions and she had the answers to everything. She went above and beyond her responsibilities. I did not have to take care of anything or worry about a thing. It was the perfect day and it wouldn't have been nearly as good without Adrienne. Adrienne also does a fantastic job to prioritize the meaning of marriage within a wedding.