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Fuck stick fucks deep into sexy tied up woman Savannah Fox 9ms. Cutie in the forest tied up and caned by her fresh master 9ms. Joan, normally a mild-mannered girl, thought about the question and then shrugged. Please raise your arm if you think Joan should be punished and speak out if you have any preference for that punishment. At this point, Caroline had a quiet and fairly lengthy discussion with the Head of House. Finally, the Head Girl was able to pronounce sentence. She stared at Joan with her piercing blue eyes.

However, you are known as a well-behaved girl and have rarely appeared before the court up until now. So, while we might in some instances have referred you to the headmistress for more stern punishment, we have decided to deal with you here. Now, we also have to deal with the matter of your rude comment about Charlotte.

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That will earn you an extra two strokes. This was never a situation Joan had ever thought to find herself in. Her features could perhaps be described as sharp, but her most impressive feature was a pair of beautiful hazel eyes. She was very academic, having got one of the highest marks in the school the previous year. Her previous visit to the court had earned her six strokes of the slipper over her skirt, from a rather weak prefect group.

Her mind reeled at the memory of it. Caroline continued. The alternative is to send you to Mrs Clearwater so that she can cane you. What do you want to do? Joan, who was not at all happy and hardly listening to the Head Girl, bit her lip as she mulled over her options. If not, then it will have to be some time tomorrow. Joan took only two seconds to think.

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Six strokes? Joan nodded vigorously.

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  • Joan took off her blazer, which Charlotte took from her, and, with surprisingly little fuss, promptly removed her skirt. After reaching down and picking it up, then folding it roughly, the skirt was also passed to Charlotte. Caroline pushed the girl forward and told her to lean across and grasp the far side of the desk. The desk itself was the sort that had two pillars at either end for the drawers and a gap in the middle that went all the way through. Joan rested the full length of the desk and gripped the far edge, well worn by hundreds of hands.

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    The room had, by now, fallen ominously silent as Joan bent over and her regulation brief white knickers stretched taut across her bottom and revealed a small part of her bare backside at the corners. The flesh shone a milky white in the light from the desk lamps around the room. The panel pushed back their chairs and sat back to enjoy the show! The second and third strokes landed across the top half of the behind, with a loud CRACK followed by a whine from the punished girl.

    This led to the eighteen year old letting out one almighty scream, which actually made some of the glasses shake!


    When she had stopped screaming, Caroline helped the girl to her feet and told her to put her skirt and blazer back on. Debbie followed the sniffling girl to the door, and ushered the second girl inside. Cara Cooper was one of the worst behaved girls in the school. She was tall, dark and a vicious bully, who tormented the younger girls relentlessly.

    The Headmistresses Slipper

    That, along with innumerable visits to Mrs Clearwater, should have been enough for her to mend her ways. As Cara stood before the panel, her scruffy attitude to life clear for all to see, Caroline rose to her feet, for it was she who had reported her to the court. When I informed her that it was blindly obvious that she was smoking, she came clean before throwing the butt at me. The mutters soon became shouts of anger when Caroline revealed what had occurred next.

    Can we show a little decorum?

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    Is there anything you wish to add? Caroline looked to her teacher for reassurance, who whispered in her ear. Regaining her stride immediately, Caroline continued. Cara Cooper, you will be collected at 8pm tonight. There would be no teachers and no limit on what they could do. A moment later, the senior team heard the downstairs door close as the four prefects departed to collect the two girls sentenced to appear before them. Jane Sharpe, out. She was as arrogant as ever. She grabbed her dressing gown and strutted ahead of the prefects as they escorted her to her fate.

    Jane Sharpe was far more submissive and was biting back tears almost as soon as Morag Stuart and Fiona Sharpe knocked at the door. She too walked ahead of her escort, but she was dragging her feet and more than once, her twin sister had to jab her in the back to keep her moving. The two students led the way up the steps and into the main hall. Believe me. The double oak doors creaked open as the Prefects filed in, slamming the doors behind them. The two soon-to-be punished girls were left all alone in the cold corridor. Worried about falling victim to fraudsters? These are the six emails and messages that should ring the scam Two men in their twenties are fighting for their lives after shooting in east London with one 'shot in the Fears grow for British mother, 26, and her four-year-old daughter who are missing in Egypt as their WhatsApp and Facebook will be forced to reveal encrypted messages from terror suspects and paedophiles after Priest asks God to 'take pity' on Robert Mugabe as Zimbabwe's former president is buried in private ceremony Could it be you?

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