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It may be an old idea, but Pettitt brings a fresh perspective. Uncovering your authentic self and following its mandates, Pettitt says, brings about immediate improvement in relationships, work, community, general health and satisfaction. By being true to yourself, Pettitt says, you can build on your strengths, compensate for weaknesses, support others, and find success in work and life. To thine own self be true, Shakespeare wrote.

Pettitt shows how. Parents, educators and employers need to understand them because they are the future.

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By George H. For too many people, retirement planning has become a matter of fear and confusion. Many people now working will live until 90, change jobs numerous times, and have not saved enough. George H. Schofield shows how to dispel the fog by making wise decisions, beginning right now, wherever you are along the way. An honest assessment, followed by self-reflective exercises, and tips for meeting unexpected challenges are the heart of his program.

Disagreement is the soul of innovation, according to Jeff DeGraff, a professor at the University of Michigan. Given the rapid pace and stress of the 21st-century workplace, is happiness even possible? Absolutely, says Annie McKee. A senior fellow at the University of Pennsylvania and director of its executive doctoral program, McKee argues that happiness is not only possible but more important than ever—and not only for the benefit of workers and managers but for the bottom line, too.

McKee organizes her book around three things she says have to be in place before people work with happiness.

One is a sense of purpose, a feeling of contributing to something bigger. Another is a powerful vision that creates a personal sense of hope. The last is genuine friendly relationships with co-workers and bosses. By Daniel Goleman and Richard J. Meditation is having a moment. And with mounting scientific support, it might be here for good.



Davidson clear away the myths that have sprouted around meditation in recent years. Among other things, they show how scientific data has been twisted to market easy mental training methods to a well-intentioned but ill-informed public. Pop meditation might induce a pleasant mental state, say Goleman and Davidson, but the real thing delivers lasting changes to personality traits. Brief daily meditation is not enough, and yet hours of meditation are not required either.

Altered Traits is an informative book that is sure to be controversial. Highly recommended. In his latest book, Burchard distills years of original research and a decade as a top performance coach into six specific habits he says will make you into a high performer—regardless of age, field, skill set or personality. The six habits of high-performance people: the pursuit of clarity for confidence in themselves and the future; a willingness to generate energy instead of waiting for it to arrive; a capacity for raising necessity, the assurance that what they are doing must be done; a drive to increase productivity; the seeking of influence with co-workers and leaders; and the consistent demonstration of courage.

All of these habits are within reach of anyone who wants them, Burchard says. High Performance Habits presents a practical, readable guide to a high-performance lifestyle. What the modern business world needs, says Anita L. Sanchez, a Mexican-American corporate consultant of Aztec heritage, is a connection to spirit, earth and the ways of indigenous people.

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The four sacred gifts—unity, healing, hope and forgiving the unforgivable—offer the restoration of harmony with others and with nature. They might even save the world.

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His new book offers a day program of rapid personal transformation. Happiness comes not from what you own, he says, but what you have inside. Nick Riggle is a high school dropout and former champion rollerblader who went on to earn a Ph. Instead they are the Four Horsemen of the future. Of course, if you work in a competing business category, such as retail, the future probably is an apocalypse.

How Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple became so big and disruptive, however, is probably not what you think. According to Galloway, a professor of marketing at New York University, none of the four giants invented anything significant. Instead they stole, copied or bought their ideas.

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Galloway presents rigorous analysis and warns that a Fifth Horseman is on the way, whether Microsoft, Uber, Starbucks or a player to be named later. Emma Johnson was a business reporter when her husband almost died in an accident. Although he recovered, their marriage, already contentious, did not survive.

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She was left broke and pregnant, with a toddler in tow. In her struggle to make it as a mom and a breadwinner, Johnson learned that it is possible for modern single moms to win on all counts: Raising healthy children, building rewarding careers, finding financial security, keeping fit and even having fun. Creator of the popular blog WealthySingleMommy. The overarching message is one of hope and self-reliance. Disregard the doubters and skeptics, including those in your own mind, and you can have it all. A coherent philosophy of creative personal development needs more than whimsy and cheek.

Adam J. As a designer, he literally makes things by hand. Somehow this has turned him into a surprisingly effective personal-development author, with a take on life that is brash yet childlike. Using on-the-ground anecdotes, Ries lays out a new road map for sustainable growth. As the husband-and-wife duo Alison and Scott Stratten explain, no new app can fix bad customer service, poor products or damaged branding.

New business technologies and strategies work better when they are married to certain timeless values. Founder of The Sound Agency, an audio branding company, Treasure believes listening is just as important as speaking if you want people to heed your message. Treasure interviews world-class public speakers, professional performers and top CEOs for their communications secrets. His simple strategies can be as effective in the home as in the performance hall, the classroom and the boardroom.

Economist Dan Ariely, author of the best-selling Predictably Irrational , applies behavioral economics and a dollop of humor—thanks to co-author, comedian Jeff Kreisler—to show why people make bad financial decisions and how to make better ones. Once a buyer has overpaid for something, why is he or she at ease about doing so again?

In answering such questions, Ariely and Kreisler examine such common pitfalls and pratfalls as credit cards, budgeting and gift-buying. Seldom is such practical advice about a dreaded topic so enjoyable.


Joel Osteen doubles down on his message of positivity and abundance in his new book on suffering. To challenge the way people think of hardship, Osteen uses his own darkest hour as an example. His father died suddenly of a heart attack in , and he had to assume leadership of their church. His advice is relevant for managers at all levels and companies of all sizes. In an absorbing narrative—part memoir, part science book, part meditation—Amy Wright Glenn brings death and dying into the light. As a hospital chaplain, she has seen all kinds of death—suicide, accident, disease, old age—and the loss and grief of those left behind.

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She advocates a kind of mindfulness, a willingness to be present with the death of loved ones, and being at peace with the knowledge of our own mortality. By Daniel G. Amen, Ph. Not only can memory loss be prevented, he says, you can regain memory already lost. Author of a succession of best-selling books and host of brain-health shows on PBS, he now brings his principles to focus on boosting memory and preventing cognitive decline. Fading memory and dementia are inevitable, Amen says.

He prescribes a program of lifestyle changes including nutrition, physical and mental exercises, and spiritual practice. Brain health is more than a medical issue, Amen adds, it is a gift from God. When the brain is diminished, our very humanity is compromised.