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Have you ever been so overwhelmed by the end of the day that you wonder how you even got anything done? Is that you? Do you find yourself so wrapped up in a routine that you struggle to make progress on your goals?

The Lott launches a new campaign to highlight ‘everyday winners, winning every day’

Be strategic in how you start your mornings. If you wake up late, grab a cup of coffee, and race to get to work on time you have set a panicked tone for the day.

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If a rudder steers a ship through its course, your first hour should help set the direction of your day. Set several alarms if you need to wake up on time.

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Did you finally figure out how to get that column to total correctly on your balance spreadsheet at work? There is so much that goes well during each week, so make sure to celebrate it! Too often we find ourselves looking ahead to the weekend, to the next month, to the next holiday, etc. We anticipate exciting and disappointing things all the time.

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Take time to talk with your coworkers or your children. Winning Every Day demonstrates how you can elevate your performance while raising the standards of everyone around you.

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Follow Coach's strategies and winning becomes habitual. You will learn to welcome sacrifice as you dedicate yourself to excellence. He will show you how to clearly define your short-term and long-term goals, to develop an unwavering sense of purpose without compromising flexibility.

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  4. Through it all, Coach Holtz will help you discover the courage you need to live a life of unremitting triumph. You couldn't have a better guide. He will provide you with the strategies he has shared with Fortune companies, groups, and organizations. Voted the top motivational speaker two years running by a survey of speakers' bureaus, Coach is going to present you with all the Xs and Os, the basics of his game plan for success in life and business.

    Reviews "The lessons contained in this book may start out having to do with sports, but they apply to almost every aspect of life.

    Winning Everyday Maxi Dress - Black

    The stories in this book are wonderfully entertaining, and the lessons are priceless. This is a book about winning, written by a man who is a true winner in every sense of the word. Lou has left his distinctive mark of success everywhere he has coached.

    Winning Every Day is not just a catchy phrase, but with Coach Holtz, a way of life. Winning Every Day coaches you through the hard-won lessons of life that Coach Holtz has gleaned from a lifetime of learning.


    Using personal behind-the-scenes experiences he shows you how to break through obstacles, capitalize on fleeting opportunities, and achieve success. There is no better mentor than Lou Holtz. He has also included his patented brand of humor throughout making this an informative as well as enjoyable read.

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    It shows in this remarkable book. He believes success depends not so much on an abundance of God given talent, it does on the passionate and intelligent application of the talent we have.

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    8. Winning Every Day is the best of Lou Holtz.. All who put into practice his ten elements for success will raise their level of performance significantly. Haggar, Jr.